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Most Important Information About Towing in Fontana, CA

Requiring a tow truck can be quite a stressful situation. You might be overwhelmed with the options available on the market. In fact, knowing what to expect to pay when calling a tow truck can make your decision much easier. It is imperative to know the factors that determine the costs of towing services. Before we delve in, it is important to know that there are a number of fees possible including the base rate as well as the price per mile.

Base Rate / Hook-Up:

As the name suggests, you are getting billed for the process of getting the car hooked to the tow truck. The hook-up fee more often than not covers the first 5 to 7 miles, and if your vehicle needs to be towed for a longer distance, you may have to pay additional mileage costs.

Price Per Mile:

This is another type of fee to consider when your car is being towed. Perhaps you want your vehicle taken to the nearest station, or maybe you want it towed to your favorite auto repair shop, which could be miles away. Maybe you want the vehicle transported all the way to your residence. Regardless, this a fee you will want to keep in mind. Are there other factors you should be looking out for? In fact, there are many other factors that could impact the towing charges such as the time required on site or the special equipment needed to tow your vehicle.

Varying rates for Nights, Weekends and Holidays

Given the time of your call to the towing service, there could be additional fees that are linked to after hours rates.

Towing Point And Conditions

Not every towing situation will be the same, meaning that if the tow truck has to drag the vehicle out of a ditch or from of a hazardous area, the cost will most likely increase. In case your SUV, sedan or pickup is stuck in ice, mud or snow, the towing service will have to spend a long time dealing with the situation.

Vehicle Type

In some cases, it will be the vehicle itself that hikes the cost of the towing service. A lost tire, broken axle, lock up brakes and other cases will call for additional charge for dollies or removing the driveline of heavy pickups and SUVs.

Another crucial factor comes in type of car you drive. All-wheel drive vehicles such as one-ton pickup trucks, semi tractor trailers, farm tractors, and other heavy duty vehicles may require highly specialized tow trucks.

If your vehicle has oversize tires, flat tires, or a low profile, it could be harder to two such a vehicle.

When I've been in an accident, will it influence the cost?

You will need a wrecker service to deal with such a situation. The cost of towing your vehicle will be rolled into the cost of your claim under such circumstances. Hence, you might be covered even if you don't have access to roadside assistance. But it may depend on the type of auto insurance you have. Hence, it is better to read the policy and ask any questions from your agent.

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